50 Years!

Well, here we are, a half-century away from when we were active teenagers making our way through school together. Some of us have stayed connected. Others have drifted apart, but have a curiosity about whatever happened to those we were so close to in those formative years. Well, here is our chance to find out.

A reunion committee has formed! And it is actively planning an event where we can get together and exchange our life experiences and catch up.

The committee’s first task is to track down our classmates and find contact information for everyone. In today’s age, this is not just a street address, it could be one of many channels: email, phone text messaging, Facebook posts, or something else. We’re on it. But we need to know how you want to be updated.

Fill out the contact information on our “Update Us” page. Also, while you are here, consider what you might want us all to know about you. If you were an award-winning author, or a Nobel prize winner, we’d like to hear about it. And if you are among the unsung heroes that make our society work (dog-catchers, plumbers, nurses, teachers, you get the idea) we’d like to hear about that too.

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