Class Updates

At various reunions over the years our classmates have offered updates about themselves. For example, during the 40th reunion year the class was asked “What are you doing these days?” along with “What are your favorite memories of Orono High School?”

We asked those questions and a few more for the 50th reunion, and the responses have been collected and integrated into a booklet, “Combined Updates 2022“. To keep the bots out, it is password protected, but you can access it using our team name “Spartans”. See what you and your classmates have been doing these last decades.

Here are the topics and questions we asked:

General information (where living, family, career, etc.)

What has changed most in your life over the years?

What has remained constant in your life since Orono High School

What are your favorite pastimes or favorite travels?

If you missed the publication date but are now inspired to let us know what you have been doing, or you need to make an update to your update, or want to add a photo, you can still make submissions. They will (eventually) get incorporated.

You can use the email on the Update Us page, or send directly to the Update Desk Editor Dave Aschenbeck.