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How many of these classmates do you recognize? Some of them might be on the reunion committee.

Class Updates!

We received life updates from many of you, and our editing team has incorporated and synchronized them with the updates we collected ten years ago.  It makes for a fun read which you can find on the update page of this reunion website. You will find a link there that brings you to the pdf… More

Reunion Wrap-Up

The 50th year Orono HS-71 reunion has now entered the history books.  To those who attended, thank you! Especially to those who traveled interstate-scale distances in these challenging times, thank you!  Over a third of the class participated, a good showing for an event like this at any time. The reunion website has been updated with photos… More

A Remarkable Day

Well, the 50th reunion happened just as planned with the exception of the threatening weather. The reception ended nearly two hours early, but not before we had a wonderful day reconnecting and enjoying the remarkable program assembled by Terry Tollefson, with audience support. We were reminded that space travel had never happened before the time… More

TT to MC #50

Our first class reunion was in 1976, five years after high school.  Many of us were just launching our careers and there was much comparing of our 5-year paths. There was a master of ceremonies, who, sadly, is no longer with us:  Jon Vant Hull.  I remember this detail because he awarded me the “rubber… More

You never know what might happen…

In our senior year, someone suggested that I run for class president.  I asked, “well, what does the class president do?”  I was told that it was pretty much a figurehead position, with lots of status but not many duties.  Oh, and they would be the one to organize subsequent class reunions.  Well, I had… More

Who’s Coming?

Sometimes, before accepting a party invitation, you want to know “who else is coming”?.  Of course extroverts will go to just about any party, but the rest of us want some reassurance that there will be someone there that we will enjoy seeing.   Well, we can’t publish the full list of attendees yet, but so far, a third… More

Ten Years On

It has been ten years since the last reunion, so it is reasonable to be anxious for the upcoming 50th.  To help prepare, you may want to review the class updates from ten years back. During the 40th reunion all of our classmates were invited to update us.  Their responses were collected into a booklet… More

Terry Tollefson prescribes solution to anxiety dreams

Ever dream that you can’t find your locker and class is starting? That you have a test but didn’t prepare?  Forgot your homework or locker combination?  Went to school in your pajamas?  That you can’t find your high school classroom and the bell is about to ring? Apparently these are common dreams- and the result of… More

Dave Aschenbeck shares his experience

Greetings classmates, It seems that the reunion committee is playing spin the bottle, and this time it ended up pointing at me. Too bad it means I have to write an “essay”, rather than what used to follow! Living in Ohio for most of my working career meant extra effort to come to any reunions.… More

Jeff Dayton makes the case to come to the reunion

Hey friends, I confess, I haven’t been in attendance at one single reunion since we all were abruptly launched into adult life in 1971, so maybe that’s one reason I’m passionate about asking you to be at our 50th Reunion coming up August 28th.  I’ll be flying up to MN from Nashville and will play… More


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