Jeff Dayton makes the case to come to the reunion

Hey friends,

I confess, I haven’t been in attendance at one single reunion since we all were abruptly launched into adult life in 1971, so maybe that’s one reason I’m passionate about asking you to be at our 50th Reunion coming up August 28th. 

I’ll be flying up to MN from Nashville and will play at the event with a couple of my buddies including OHS alum Mark Bendickson ’75. Good food, old friends, casual times and live music– we’re going to have a great gathering. But it would be even better if you could join us

I don’t know if we’ll have many reunions in the future, although Linda Coffin assures us she’ll be at #60, ten years from now. For the time being, as Kenny Loggins sang, “This is it”!

It’s easy – just follow this link to the reunion page and sign up! We’ll have all the food and fun ready for you.

Hope to see you and please let us know you’ll attend. 


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