Dave Aschenbeck shares his experience

Greetings classmates,

It seems that the reunion committee is playing spin the bottle, and this time it ended up pointing at me. Too bad it means I have to write an “essay”, rather than what used to follow!

Living in Ohio for most of my working career meant extra effort to come to any reunions. I think I made it to the 10th, 20th, and 40th. Though I was never a very social individual, I was always curious about how folks were now, as opposed to my (limited) perception of them in high school.

My favorite gathering so far was the 40th, because it allowed ample time for individual mixing, which I actually took advantage of and actually enjoyed. I was surprised by the depth and range of people’s life experiences… all from our humble class of ’71 !

This reunion will also have ample opportunities for mixing. Hope you’ll take advantage of it.

Register now and get it on your calendar!


Reunion website:  https://orono71.com/
Invitation: https://orono71.com/invitation/
Registration: https://orono71.com/rsvp-register-for-the-reunion/

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