Update Us

Well, the 50th reunion has come and gone, but we can still stay in touch. And you can still contribute an update for our class reunion directory.   Even if you couldn’t make the reunion, we’d love to find out more about you and what you’ve been doing since high school.

If you’re having difficulty thinking of what to include, here are a few suggestions:

General information (where living, family, career, etc.)

What has changed most in your life over the years?

What has remained constant in your life since Orono High School

Favorite pastime(s), favorite travel

Think about it for a while (but not too long) and send to orono71reunion@gmail.com .  Go ahead and attach photos or other documents.  Our Update Desk editors will compile it all (along with similar input from the 20th and 40th reunions) and make it available electronically to the class of 1971.

Get in Touch

Have something to share? A memory, a photo, a bit of memorabilia, or maybe your entire life story. Whatever it is, feel free to write it down, or attach it to an email, and send it. We will collect it for sharing later with our class.

Help Find a Classmate

You can help locate the rest of us. See the list of classmates who have not yet confirmed their contact info. Maybe you know where they are!

Tell us how to contact you!