Help us locate your lifelong classmate friends

We move. Our addresses change, our names change, our emails change. Some people retire. Our emails change again. Land lines are abandoned and cell phones get updated. But our personal connections remain.

We have not heard back from the classmates below, but maybe you know where they are! Help us bring our contact list up to date by telling us where to find them. We’ll check in and encourage them to register on this site so they can get info about the reunion.

Missing or unconfirmed contact info for these classmates:

  • Robert Allison
  • Steve Bunting
  • Larry Cathers
  • Lauree (Cunningham) Fegers
  • Martha Dorn
  • Vicky Ellingson
  • Christine Fischer
  • Steve Field
  • Judy (Gangelhoff) Berry
  • Susan (Gordon) Hardman
  • Evelyn (Gulbranson) Nelson
  • Susan Harwood
  • Leslie (Henning) Simon
  • Robert Hentig
  • Tom Kleinman
  • Donald Mendelson
  • Laurie Ross
  • John Shannon
  • Karen (Siljander) Woolsey
  • Darlene (Stubbs) Kelly
  • Debra (Taylor) deMontegre
  • Carla (Weilding) Hall
  • Elizabeth Anderson
  • Robert Babcock
  • John Brantingham
  • David Daniels
  • Debbie (DeCamp) Peterson
  • Michael Dunn
  • Bruce Finden
  • Julie (Gabert) Nichols
  • Kathleen Griffin
  • William Gudim
  • Lecia (Heidelberger) Loosen
  • Sheryl (Hilden) Higgins
  • Douglas Jerde
  • Jean Krueger
  • Nancy (Olson) Fadel
  • Debra (Rust) Noterman
  • Jenny Sue (Schlaf) Westbrook
  • Jackie (Siljander) Cooper
  • Betty (Wardlow) DeSimas

Send Us a Clue

If you see one of your friends on this list, tell us below how to contact them.

And if you find your own name on the list, go to the Update Us page and confirm your contact information. We’ll update our records and remove you from the “missing” list