Class Updates!

We received life updates from many of you, and our editing team has incorporated and synchronized them with the updates we collected ten years ago.  It makes for a fun read which you can find on the update page of this reunion website.

You will find a link there that brings you to the pdf document.  It is protected to keep out the internet bots, but you can access it with the password “Spartans”.

If you were planning to submit some info about yourself but didn’t get around to it, well, we are still accepting submissions.  We’ll collect them in a batch and incorporate them in a future release. 

One thought on “Class Updates!

  1. Hello Thor,

    Thanks to you and whoever is on your team that put this Reunion Wrap-Up together for us to read. I enjoyed reading your update and your fascinating life adventures. Kind of you to help develop the process for us to enjoy special effects in action movies. I haven’t read Poldi’s yet to compare her story with yours and will shortly.
    Enjoyed reading Terry’s stories of early life at Orono with his Dad and how the school district was developed by the Pillsbury’s.
    Some of us have left contact information with our updates but most have not. Is there a way that we can have have access to their email address so we do not have to bother you for contact information?




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