Reunion Wrap-Up

The class follows his direction as Ross Kyllo describes his vision for the group photo.

The 50th year Orono HS-71 reunion has now entered the history books.  To those who attended, thank you! Especially to those who traveled interstate-scale distances in these challenging times, thank you!  Over a third of the class participated, a good showing for an event like this at any time.

The reunion website has been updated with photos and videos of the event.  We encourage you to share your photos as well–just send us an email, attach the images, and we’ll add them.  You can subscribe to the website and get notices, just in case the next reunion happens sooner rather than later.  Someone has proposed annual local get-togethers before the next big one.

We have also created a private Facebook group for our class titled “Orono HS Class of 71 Reunion.”  If you are on Facebook and would like to be part of this group simply search for it by name on Facebook and click on the “Join” button.  An admin will review and approve your request.

Classmate Updates are being compiled and we encourage everyone to submit whether you attended the reunion or not.  See what your classmates were doing in 2011  and add to your stories for the 2021 edition.  

Also, be sure to keep us informed if your address or email changes.  Otherwise you may end up on the “missing” list. Please help us if you have contact information for any of the missing.

It was a wonderful get-together.  Let’s keep in touch!

–The OHS-71 50th Reunion Committee

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