A Remarkable Day

(photo by Beth Jackson)

Well, the 50th reunion happened just as planned with the exception of the threatening weather. The reception ended nearly two hours early, but not before we had a wonderful day reconnecting and enjoying the remarkable program assembled by Terry Tollefson, with audience support.

We were reminded that space travel had never happened before the time of our school years, but we witnessed it! Many significant events have occurred and many inventions have appeared in the half century since we graduated. After some trivia questions, Terry managed to coax our cheerleaders onto the stage to lead a rendition of the Orono Fight Song! These were only a few of the many wonderful stories and items that he presented, nicely capturing our experience in high school.

A break in the rainy weather allowed us to take a class photo, and following that, our own class musician Jeff Dayton, with another Orono alumnus Mark Bendickson, provided music that we all recalled from those years.

All in all a nice gathering, but too short! Check out the photo album. There were many more people to talk to, and much more to say!

Which means that we will have to do this again, sometime soon.

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