Who’s Coming?

Sometimes, before accepting a party invitation, you want to know “who else is coming”?.  Of course extroverts will go to just about any party, but the rest of us want some reassurance that there will be someone there that we will enjoy seeing.  

Well, we can’t publish the full list of attendees yet, but so far, a third of our class has registered!  This is more than expected (typically around 25% show up at the 50th).  Now maybe all of the people you’d like to see happen to be among the 2/3 that can’t make it, but unless you had only one friend in high school, well, mathematically that’s pretty unlikely!  

So go ahead, take your chances.  What’s the worst that can happen?  You waste your evening at an outdoor summer picnic with refreshments and music, attended mostly by extroverts?  (Wait, that’s not so bad— they’ll do all the talking)!

Registering on the reunion website helps us plan for food and drink, but don’t worry, if you forget, or decide at the last minute, you will still be welcome!

Reunion website:  https://orono71.com/
Invitation: https://orono71.com/invitation/
Registration: https://orono71.com/rsvp-register-for-the-reunion/

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