You never know what might happen…

In our senior year, someone suggested that I run for class president.  I asked, “well, what does the class president do?”  I was told that it was pretty much a figurehead position, with lots of status but not many duties.  Oh, and they would be the one to organize subsequent class reunions.  Well, I had no interest in that obligation and wanted to avoid it at all costs, so I declined the nomination.

So it is a bit odd that I ended up on the reunion committee.  Some might even think I organized it, but that would be incorrect.  That impression is only because I bought a Zoom license so we could have virtual meetings this last year that could run longer than 40 minutes.  That meant I had to send out the Zoom meeting links and be the meeting host.  It truly was a figurehead position.

Fortunately, the committee had people who knew what needed to be done and came up with the ideas and plans and did the work to pull it off.  I have enjoyed getting together with them, even just virtually, over the last two years.

My participation might not be all that unexpected, because my life changed after the previous reunion– the 40th.  At that reunion I re-connected with the person I now share my life with— Poldi Gerard.  My first date with her was in 1968;  my second date with her was a visit to the “1968” exhibit at the Minnesota History Center, a mere 43 years later.  

You never know what might happen at a reunion.  I have enjoyed my renewed friendships with the reunion committee, and I never expected to end up with the girl I so admired in 9th grade!

Time is short.  Registering on the reunion website helps us plan for food and drink, but if you are forgetful, like me, or decide at the last minute, you will still be welcome to join us.   

I hope to see you there. Poldi and I can tell you the full story!

Thor Olson

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