Ten Years On

It has been ten years since the last reunion, so it is reasonable to be anxious for the upcoming 50th.  To help prepare, you may want to review the class updates from ten years back.

During the 40th reunion all of our classmates were invited to update us.  Their responses were collected into a booklet which you may access at https://orono71.com/ten-years-ago/.  It is password protected to keep the bots out, but you can access it with our team name: “Spartans”.

Perhaps you would like to update the last update.  Even if you can’t make the reunion, send us your answers to: “What are you doing these days?” “What are your favorite memories of Orono High School?”We will collect them and publish them after the reunion. Send them to orono71reunion@gmail.com

Time is short.  Only five weeks remain!  And if you are COVID-nervous, we will be following Minnesota State Health Department guidelines for outdoor gatherings:  see the description on the invitation (updated: https://orono71.com/invitation/).

Registering on the reunion website helps us plan for food and drink, but don’t worry, if you forget, or decide at the last minute, you will still be welcome!

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