Reunion Committee Forms

In September 2019, a collection of classmates who expressed interest in planning the 50th reunion got together at This Odd House, the home of Thor Olson and Poldi Gerard. Here is the meeting summary:

50th Reunion Committee members,

Thanks for joining us and participating in a productive and enjoyable first meeting of the OHS-50RC!  We made it through a grueling agenda and even made two decisions:

– we selected the weekend of August 27-28-29, 2021 for the big event

– we agreed to meet again on January 19, 2020.  Ross Kyllo graciously offered to host brunch at 1:00 for the 50RC members.

Between now and then, our major task is to locate and contact all of our classmates.  We have a list from Cindy Pearson from the 40th reunion that has been updated by Terry Tollefson.  We reviewed it last night and it is our collective job to confirm or update the email and US mail addresses, maybe even phone numbers, so that we can dispatch a “save the date” message to everyone when we next meet.

Nan Anderson volunteered to be our secretary and to be the keeper of the list, but we are all on the hook to contribute.  Thor agreed to move the list (an Excel spreadsheet) online and provide private links to the 50RC members so that we all can make updates to it.  It will include columns that indicate the date that the contact info was updated and a field to enter your initials when you confirm it (the committee member with the most confirmed addresses will win a fabulous prize!)

Some other highlights of our meeting:

–  A subcommittee was formed to investigate the contents of the Pioneer Museum in Long Lake for both contact info, and as a candidate tour for the reunion activities.

–  Cindy offered to check that the reunion date would be ok for a school building tour.

–  It was suggested that collecting obituaries for our deceased classmates would be nice.  Poldi will head the subcommittee to locate and organize/present them.

–  Jeff Dayton was volunteered to provide music for the event.  Dave Aschenbeck will let him know.

Thanks again for contributing; we look forward to the next meeting in January!  

Thor and Poldi

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