Covid Continues, Planning Proceeds

Amidst the ongoing rules for keeping social distance, the reunion planning committee met again at the end of October, via zoom, to discuss how to proceed.

One of the first topics was “do we keep the date?” (August 27-29, 2021). We decided to be optimistic that vaccines will become widespread, and public health rules will relax to allow groups to gather by late August, and that we need to continue planning accordingly. When the rules do relax, there will be a high demand for venues and vendors, so we should make the plans and reservations now.

If this scenario does not develop, we will do what event planners have been doing all year– postpone it.

Here are the meeting notes from the planning session:

25_Oct2020 Zoom Call

Attendees:  Thor, Poldi, Sue, Ross, Ross, Jeff, Terry, Betsy, Linda, Kris, Dave

Notes by topic:

·        Class list

o   We have about 40 confirmed and 80 no-responses

o   Reach out to Jim Rettinger and Pat Kelley to see who they know on missing list. Thor will bring list up to date and pass to Terry and Jeff to forward to Jim and Pat.

o   All are encouraged to probe personal leads who might know about ‘the missing’. Perhaps Thor can ensure that the dropbox spreadsheet is up to date?

o   Execute snail mailing (either Poldi’s followup letter, or postcards… with Thor’s renunion web site shown)

o   Send out emails with small batches of missing (e.g. one every couple weeks?)

·        Date, strategy

o   We will assume the covid vaccine will be widespread before re-union and go ahead with planning (with later option to delay, if needed)

o   Stick with original date, last weekend in August, 27, 28, 29, 2021

o   Plan on making bookings after the Jan. committee meeting?

o   Reviewed suggestions from Steve Sandvig (sp?) from recent Hopkins reunion: (keep $ low, SS income), dinner on own, early pay discount

·        Venues and events

o   Many options available: Hollywood, MN square dancing hall, The Firehall in Rogers, outdoor spaces with food trucks, Al and Alma’s boat on Mtka,…

o   Surley private room looks too expensive

o   Orono school space rental (inexpensive)

·        Plans

o   Next meeting Sunday, Jan 10 at 1PM

o   Work on expanding class list confirmed contact info, including collecting a “soft” RSVP (e.g. Are you interested in attending the reunion?)

·        Proposed schedule (assembled by Dave A, based on meeting discussions – just to have something to talk about)

o   Friday eve: identify several optional meeting places (Red Rooster, etc.)

o   Sat AM: Orono school coffee/donuts then school tour

o   Sat aft: “main event” picnic with:

§  Reserved shelter house and surrounding area

§  Food truck(s) for food options (e.g. also can bring in)

§  Jeff Dayton and friends for informal concert (say <= 1 hr)

§  No alcohol (park rule dependent).  This could be a park or big property.

o   Sat eve: List of suggested informal meeting places plus choice of some optional events (Al/Alma dinner cruise, etc.)

o   Sun: More optional events… brunch, picnic, activity, …

·        Not discussed

o   Image galleries (screen or printed or …) Memories or discussion triggers

o   Special entertainment? (reprise of high school highlights/antics? Terry as capt Kirk, sports something, annual staff, class or teacher memory, etc etc etc)

o   Group activity? (mixer, connectors for reconnecting later, …)

o   Name tags with 1971 photo

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