Venue Selected, Tentatively

The Reunion Committee met on February 21, by Zoom, as usual in these covid times. The outlook for coming out of the pandemic is improving and we are optimistic that we can host a reunion event at the end of August. The next items to focus on are the venue, and deciding on catering. We discussed a range of topics, went on reminiscences, and managed to make a few important decisions and conclude the meeting, all within the span of an hour!

In attendance: Jeff Dayton, Thor Olson, Poldi Gerard, Terry Tollefson, Dave Aschenbeck, Betsy Asher, Linda Coffin, Ross Kyllo, Ross Thorfinson, Sue Aschenbeck

Here are the notes Dave took during the meeting:

Classmate Locating:
Thor’s summary: 65 (of 125) have been contacted. 34 yesses for reunion, 15 don’t know, 8 maybes. Weekly “missing” emails garnered a handful of responses. Thor and Poldi will send out a second round of postcards to those who have not yet responded.

Event Plans:
Last Sat. of Aug (28th). Still good.

Venue: Opted for the Eden Prairie outdoor “pavilion” option, due to the “barn’s” event space upstairs not disability-accessible (both are Eden Prairie parks). It can be reserved after March 1 (but maybe later, per covid rules), and Ross T (Eden Prairie resident) will inquire.

Catering: RossT has experience with barbecue place. 3 meats/potatoes/beans/  $13/person.

Kris on school event (1PM) with tour, with optional visit to Pioneer Museum (Long Lake School) 

$40 as a target budget, per person

Generate list of old, community elementary schools (GPS, LindaC)

Memorabilia: recycle Thor and Terry videos, name-tags w/1970 photos, displays?

“Plans for out-of-town visitors”. List a few hotels? (Long Lake motel and EP Mariott properties)

Next Meeting:
21Mar2021, 1PM. (tentative, as may not have EP venue confirmation by then)

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